Radio Taxi ALFA operates as a part of the structure of the Świętokrzyskie Transport and Services Association in Kielce and is one of the first corporations operating within the territory of Kielce that still has a significant position on the transport market.

We own 60 taxis facilitated with cash registers legalized periodically while the members of the corporation hold lawful licenses for transport of persons by taxi. We are not going to boast about state-of-the-art cars such as Mercedes S manufactured in 2017, because no corporation in Kielce has those, but we own 3-, 4, or 6-year-old cars or cars that are younger than 10 years, including limousines, vans, and estate vehicles.

Taxis are always tidy and clean and checked for their cleanliness twice a week, so that the drivers ensure that the customers feel comfortable. Due to cooperation with hotels and frequent drives to airports (Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw), the cars are also 100% technically and mechanically operational.

We ensure comfort and safety at any time of the day and night.

We are at your disposal, call: 19 622, 41/ 344 44 44